Friday, February 29, 2008

How did you spent the 2008 leap day?

This list included planned and 1 unplanned activities. Guess which one is which ;)

  1. Attended the closing ceremony of Brunei Android CodeFest.
    Read more on:
    AnakBrunei Coverage :: Ranoadidas :: AITI

    20080229 BruneianDroid Codefest Group Photo
    Local BruneianDroids Code Fest'er (Don't look for me - I was the one behind the lens)

    20080229 BruneianDroid Codefest Zeti and Siti Intan
    Hot Mama Zetss and me in pink
    20080229 BruneianDroid Codefest Siti Intan and Daphne
    With one of the UBD IT lecturer, Daphne.
    Don't be mistaken by her sweet look - she was voted the All Around Enthusiastic Participant & Excellent Contributor to the workshop. Ms Daphne won an iPod Shuffle and Escapade Voucher

    20080229 BruneianDroid Codefest Siaw Wei BAG and AITI ACE
    Siaw Wei - one of the BAGian pride!

  2. Invigilated (Try saying that aloud! Does it even exist? lol) 3 hours of ICDL tutorial, assessment and exams.
    (No photo, but it was a fun tutoring session. I absolutely love my job!)

  3. Brought mom and the gang to Brunei Book Fair at ICC.

    20080229 Pesta Buku date
    Hero dan Heroin Pujaan Hati ku *lol*

    20080229 Mom Sibs and Alaf 21 Authors
    Mom and her favourite Malay authors from Alaf 21

    20080229 Alaf 21 Author Book signing
    'Another Intan' signing Mom's latest purchase

Not bad for a Friday huh?

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all_mania said...

which reminds me, it's also a day when women can propose to men, since it only come once every 4 years ;P