Friday, March 05, 2010


[Update: decided to let the yes/no card decide for me and I got a 'no' and other insightful answers :P I just needed another reason and well... it kinda told me that the only reason I want it is to make a statement that I didn't consciously want to make] Lots of love to all that bothered to listen to this call of mine, love you lots (^3^)

Hi there my loves. I'm not really sure if anyone is reading this anymore but I thought I might share my... worries and hope that this act will somehow lessen my burdens.

As you all may or may not know, I have a long and continuous love affair with anything cute+modern (just look at my computer and laptop and what I listed for my born-to-be-rich wish list). I understand very well that I have this taste for class, and things that I like are usually ... pricey, without me consciously trying to aim for such prices.

I have been able to work with feelings of constant temptation by telling myself that I :-
1) don't really need the item
2) need to wait longer to have it
3) really don't find it useful other than the fact that it's either classy, modern or cute.

Any two of these reasons is enough to deter me from getting things that may or may not break my 'personal', i.e. fluctuating, budget.

Now comes my dilemma. I've been called by a siren and I invite you to look into her eyes and hear her song :-

I must confess... I am not as strong for this challenge. I mean, look at it!! It's so pretty >.< (I don't care so much about the model sitting on the chair). _that_ is the Osim usoffa petit. It is 1) Cute 2) Modern 3) Functional (Useful) 4) Affordable 5) Classy It's a massage chair that really does look like a normal sofa chair. You know how much I like hidden things like this. I like how cute it is. I like how it's not just a chair. I like that you plug it in and it's a massage chair. I like how no one will know it's a massage chair unless you tell them. I like how it's not all black, bulky and leathery like the usual massage chairs. I like how it doesn't cost more than 3K. Lastly, I like how the sofa looks classy without being over-the-top. Its definitely defeated no.2 and 3 from my list of "reasons not to buy something expensive". Now, I do admit that I sometimes do impulse buys that ignores the 3 reasons altogether, but usually during an interval of 2-3 months and the items never cost 1K :o So here I am in my room, being skillfully seduced by a chair, and I'm not sure I can really say 'no' this time. In my desperate and blinded-by-love state, I implore thee, whoever is listening, to become my ally and fight this enemy with me, to call me back before the waves drown me, to show me how this is just like any other temptation, to tell me that this love affair will end as badly as any other if I had given in then, and to knock some sense into me >.<;; Thank you and good night. p.s. *sigh* I would probably have gotten it if I haven't done so many impulse shopping lately. Like, if I'm not going on a day trip to Miri and Singapore, and if I didn't go for a fancy lunch or bought that ... 'other' impulse item >.<;